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Build Muscle TWICE AS FAST,
Command Respect Everywhere You Go!
Most guys struggle with building muscle. We help simplify the
growth process by using a step-by-step plan, helping you achieve
twice the muscle in half the time and build an ELITE LEVEL of
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Mitch Muller - Physique Athlete and Muscle Transformation Coach




START HERE: 10 Muscle Activation Techniques for Permanent Growth

Each technique can be implemented into your workout IMMEDIATELY within the
first 5 minutes, and will give your muscles only ONE option: Growth!

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Neuromuscular Contraction Techniques for Maximum Size, Strength & Symmetry!

Mass Construction has paved the way into NEW and MASSIVE muscle growth!
Learn the top strategies and techniques from Mitch Muller as you're
taken step-by-step through the "5-Step Framework" for the best
transformation of your life. CLICK BELOW to get started!
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* Regardless of your goals to burn fat or build muscle, these
workouts are guaranteed to help you reach your goal faster and
* ALL ACCESS Members also gain access to the Private Mindset Empire
Community where they will be able to interact with Coach Mitch, the
Mass Construction Team, and a worldwide support group of
individuals with the same goals!
* community support from Mitch Muller and staff.


Mindset Empire PREMIUM ACCESS ($18/month)

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execution from Mitch
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Mitch's Inner Circle Access ($197/month)

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* FULL Access to Mitch's MASS CONSTRUCTION and all of its components!
* video/audio coaching calls
* FREE attendance to Mindset Muscle Camps
* Custom meal planning and coaching from Mitch (1 per month as long
as you're a member).

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Mindset Empire GUARANTEES results, period. Check out some
of our satisfied members!
* "Through our faith first and fitness-second attitude that Mitch and
myself both agree upon, I was able to achieve unreal results for my
first Men's Physique show: Dropped down to sub 6% body fat and I
put on 10lbs of lean muscle EVEN WHEN I WAS DIETING. Mitch's
knowledge of nutrition and reaching your optimal performance is the
gym is second to none! So blessed to have you as my coach and
brother Mitch!"

Reached 11% to 6% Body Fat in 8 Weeks! Took home 1ST PLACE in his first
"I started my training with Mitch 8 weeks out from my contest.
Mitch had a great game plan for my posing to workouts to nutrition,
making sure my body got what it needed and at the right times. He
changed up workouts and meal plans every two weeks to make sure I
was headed in the right direction for my first show. We went over
posing every week with one-on-one sessions and adding a little
something every week to my routine to get me to the next level and
keep the judges eyes on me when I was out there. He stressed that
it was my stage and my show and stage presence along with a solid
posing routine would get me to the top. Diet was critical to help
me get the most out of my training. Moving around carbs, protein
and fat to get my body lean and also hang onto muscle. The workouts
changed from week to week based on contest prep and I was
constantly challenged to push the envelope with weights and cardio
to put out the best physique I could. We went over how important
rest/sleep were when you are pushing your body to the limit to get
to your goal. Mitch made sure every day leading up to your contest
you were getting everything you needed from him. Mitch was
available through text, e-mail or facebook for whatever questions
or direction you were looking for. Working with him put me over the
top and helped me TAKE HOME FIRST PLACE on the big stage in my
first competition!! It was great competing for the 1st time and
training with Mitch I felt like a seasoned veteran with all the
insight he gave me along with what to expect backstage and final
hours up to competition. There was no ego or agenda, he just wants
to get the most out of you and put you in a position to succeed and
making sure you are at your best both physically and mentally.
Thanks so much Mitch!"
John L.

12% to 9% Body Fat + 2 Inches lost on waist!
"My results I received from Mitch were great - 2 inches off my
waist! I've been a personal trainer myself for 4 years now and I
know the gym routine pretty dang good, and I know basic nutrition.
I came to Mitch wanting to see how far I could take my body though,
and see how much fat I could actually lose with as little to no
muscle loss as possible. What caught my eye from this experience
was to see how my body truly reacted to manipulating carb and fat
intakes and the timing of my nutrients. I went from looking looking
just lean to a lean, mean HULK machine! Thanks Mitch!"
Colton B.

Built from a foundation of faith and perseverance, Mitch Muller is the
owner and founder of Mindset Fitness, with a dream of helping others
pursue excellence in both the gym and in life. The Mindset Fitness
Philosophy and Mission Statement: To provide Biblically-based health
and fitness lifestyle education, empowerment and motivation, which
gives HOPE to everyone, from the physically fit to the physically
distressed. It is our vision to positively impact the health and
fitness lifestyle of one million people through motivation by the year



* Mindset Fitness | Phoenix, AZ
* Mitch@mindsetfitness

All Rights Reserved - MindsetEmpire - 2017-2020

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